Exchange Policy

Effective as of June 30, 2020.

Our Exchange Policy differ between subscription payments and one-time payments made for course, specialization, and guided project purchases, and that payment options may vary from one Service to another.

For Month-to-Month or Yearly Subscriptions

Edware does not offer Exchange for month-month or yearly subscription. To avoid being charged during a free trial promotion, you must cancel your subscription before your 7-day free trial ends. If you complete a course during the free trial period, EDWARE reserves the right to require you to pay for a one-month subscription in order to receive a Course and/or Specialization Certificate. Further details are mentioned on our Terms of Use.

For One-time Course and Specialization Purchases

If you cancel your paid enrollment for a standalone course or specializationn, EDWARE will offer you an exchange until 14 days after payment, or until you have earned your Course Certificate/Specialization’s First Course Certificate, whichever is earlier. If you pre-enroll and pay for a course or specialization, EDWARE will offer you an exchange until 14 days after the course launches or until you have earned your Course/First Course Certificate, whichever is earlier. For avoidance doubt, once you have earned a Course/First Course with your payment, you are not eligible for a exchange even if it is within 14 days. If you do not earn your Course Certificate within 180 days, your registration will expire and you will need to pay to re-enroll for the course. However, if you’re taking a course through your company or organization (e.g. EDWARE for Business, EDWARE for Governments or other EDWARE Social Welfare programs) then you can earn your certificate as long as your company’s contract with EDWARE is active and your access has not expired in accordance with the terms of that contract. Similarly, refunds, exchange and cancellations will also be governed by the terms of that contract between your organization and EDWARE.

Third Party Marketplaces

Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you purchase or subscribe for a course, Specialization, guided project, or purchase any other paid Service, through a third party marketplace (e.g., our Coding 360 Bundle provided by our content partner Codecademy, in-app purchases through the Apple App Store or purchases made through certain alternative payment services, etc.), the exchange policy applicable to that third party marketplace will apply, unless otherwise explicitly stated by EDWARE. Except as otherwise explicitly stated by EDWARE, the third party marketplace will be solely responsible for making exchanges under its exchange policy, and EDWARE will have no exchange obligations. EDWARE will not exchange courses, specialization and other services purchased by the user provided by one partner with other or with EDWARE own courses or specialization. EDWARE disclaims any responsibility or liability related to any third party marketplace’s exchange policy or the third party’s compliance or noncompliance with such policy.