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Get access to over 110 Coding Programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pro contains everything in Basic, plus all the advanced tools and content that you need to make your learning faster and more efficient. Pro provides you with hundreds of additional exercises, practice packs, and quizzes to help you sharpen your coding skills. Pro also contains real-world projects that train you to apply the skills you are learning in realistic scenarios.

If you’re ready to accelerate your learning and apply those skills to real-world scenarios, the Pro Package is for you. Pro not only teaches you coding skills, but how to use those skills.

You can cancel your subscription anytime by visiting the Account Setting Page or by emailing us. You can also pause your subscription if you need to take a break.

No, most of our learners have no experience when they sign up with us. Our curriculum is designed to teach anyone to learn to code.

Paths are structured curriculum roadmaps that show you exactly where to start and what to learn next. We have Career Paths that teach the core skills of Computer Science, Data Science, and Web Development, as well as Skill Paths focused on more specialized, shorter-term goals. If you’re not sure where to start, we have a path for that too.

Yes! Eligible college students can join Pro Student Plan. It’s an annual membership with all the same features as Regular Pro Plan, but for over 35% off the regular price.