‘’The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery’’ (Mark Van Doren)

Learning is amazing but sharing knowledge is divine. We are constantly on the lookout for individuals who share our vision and passion to spread knowledge and create brighter futures.

If you are one of them and have something valuable to share that can benefit the world, talk to us and lets discuss ways and means to spread your knowledge and inspire a whole lot of people!

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Imagine the total learning experience from the perspective of the student and put all your efforts into the planning stage. This includes considering the variety of media students can encounter as a way of progressing in learning in your course. It requires imagining how to use those media creatively.

Understand that the fundamental shift toward online education is as ideologically complicated as the older model of classroom education. Work with colleagues to discuss what is happening, what are the available tools and what you want online education to become.
Whether you are teaching for years or are a first time instructor, you can make an engaging and impactful course. We will share our resources and best practices to help you develop courses like a pro regardless of your past teaching experience. You can make an impact as long as you have in-depth knowledge of your subject, know your target market well and are passionate about this.

Help people learn new skills, advance their careers or find new careers by sharing your knowledge. You can change lives by connecting with a global audience.
We do not publish courses that are offensive or controversial in nature. Subject matter may be excluded due to concerns that it is considered either harmful or offensive to students, or because it is otherwise inconsistent with the values and spirit of Edware and society at large.

It is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that course follows these guidelines in letter and the spirit when submitting the course for review process. While we will guide instructors on minor fixes, extensive coaching on how to build or update a course is not available.