Basic Organizational and Supervisory Skills

The transition from individual contributor to team leader is an exciting one, but without training or guidance becoming a successful manager can be stressful and scary. Understanding how to motivate employees, provide feedback and maintain morale rarely comes naturally.

Our Basic Organizational and Supervisory Skills (BOSS) course is an excellent opportunity for those new to supervisory roleswhether for the first time in their careers, or for the first time in an industry or organization different from prior experience.

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  • Specifically designed to introduce new leaders to core management skills such as collaboration, performance assessment, and change management. 
  • Provides structured classroom discipline led by professionals with industry experience. Offers dedicated attention and direction tailored to your needs.
  • Participate in a rigorous university program and earn a program certificate as well as academic credits that can be applied toward future education goals.


    • Manage with greater confidence and increased competencies in key leadership skills. Communicate to your team with more clarity and assess performance accurately and fairly.
    • Understand and participate in management-level decisions with the ability to contribute as a peer. Become a thought leader who brings new solutions that you can introduce and implement. 
    • Become not only a better manager, but better employee, as you can articulate and identify core strengths in yourself and others, set goals accordingly, and provide action-oriented feedback.


This is an excellent foundational course for those new to leadership, or who are now experienced managers but had little or no formal training in supervisory skills. Those who aspire to soon transition into a management role can ready themselves with the skills and outlook necessary to be a successful boss.

Those making a substantial career change to a company with an unfamiliar organizational or supervisory structure will find this course very useful for finding new solutions and methods adaptable to different types of corporate culture.

Number of Modules:

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upcoming classes




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Organizational and Supervisory



Ability to Earn:

  • Certificate
  • Digital Badge
  • Graduate-Level Credits

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